Praise and Worship Team Tips

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Just for fun, here are 21 praise team pain in the rumps....

1) The guitar player and bass player who learns an awesome new lick and has to use it in every song
2) Random tambourine usage by non-percussionists
3) Drummers who know not the meaning of vocals/guitar only sections in songs
4) Guitar players who know not the meaning of vocals only sections in songs
5) Drummers who have found an awesome new kick beat and have to use it in every song
6) The combination of a new drummer and a double bass pedal
7) The over animated vocalist who looks like they are in a Broadway musical
8) The bass player who plays a note for every syllable
9) The drummer who syncs his kick to every syllable
10) The person who over submits new songs
11) The person who submits an original song that is a page long, front and back
12) The person who submits an original song that seems more random thought then song
13) The person who submits an original song that has major timing issues yet they insist it be done just that way
14) The person who submits an original song
15) The person who is too full of ideas and, well, other stuff as well
16) The keyboard player who wants to play like Dino on every song
17) The keyboard player who overdoes the bass side of the keyboard thus killing the actual bass player
18) Beginning guitar players who acquired an effects pedal for Christmas
19) The person who gave the effects pedal who then said something like, "And you can use it this Sunday"!
20) The fashionably late
21) Not that this has anything necessarily to do with praise teams...but dudes who use the word "fabulous". Something about that just ain't right!


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